Zuckerberg’s phone number leaked to the network with the data of other Facebook users

The day before, it became known about the theft and publication in the public domain of personal data of more than half a billion users of the social network.

The phone number of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was stolen and became publicly available along with the personal data of 533 million more people. This was told by one of the users of the social network Twitter, who discovered Zuckerberg’s data on a hacker forum.
“As for the data leak of 533 million people — the irony is that, unfortunately, Mark Zuckerberg is also among them. If the journalists can’t get a statement from Facebook, maybe they should call him on the number that got into the network? ” the user wrote with irony.
On the eve of the news about the leak into the network and the publication on one of the hacker forums of the personal data of more than half a billion Facebook users, including ten million Russians. The company itself did not comment on the data theft.

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