Your Wooden Shed’s Other Uses

There are plenty of ways to maximise the use of your wooden shed, many of which will add a whole new dimension to this ordinary garden outbuilding. Think again if you thought that the lonely wooden shed sitting in your garden was just for the purpose of storing tools and barely used garden equipment.

First of all it’s time to de-clutter. Garden sheds are often left behind by home owners when moving house, so if you have found yourself with a wooden shed that you didn’t buy yourself you may have been stuck with what to do with it, and simply filled it with things you don’t even use. Through out any junk and organise the things you do need by storing them in containers or placing on shelves to ensure you use space effectively.

Once you have organised and created more space in your wooden shed then you can decide exactly how you want to use it next, here are a couple of examples of that would work well, but think outside the box and your shed could become anything you like:

Retro Garden Cinema – If you want to experience your favourite films in a more novel way than staring at an HD screen, then why not install a projection screen in your wooden shed? Put up a blank fabric wall to hide away any tools and at the same time work it as a projection canvas, then make your auditorium comfortable with garden chairs, cushions and some candles too for atmospheric lighting. This inspired use of your shed is great for entertaining friends and family but will also require a power source.

Garden Summer Ice Cream Shack – The perfect idea if you often enjoy the summer sun in your garden with friends and family. This will require a source of electricity connected to the shed so you can install a freezer, but can be done easily with an extension lead from your home. Give the inside a lick of paint in pastel shades and put up a chalk board on the inside of the door to list the delights on offer. You could even install a counter top and a candy coloured curtain to hide any garden bits and bobs you still require to store.

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