Your Personal Injury Insurance Coverage Is Minimal – What Do You Do?

One problem that victims of an Auto Accident face is where the injury was caused by someone with low insurance coverage or no insurance at all! Different states require different minimum amounts of coverage for bodily injury or property damage. But even when that minimum amount has been purchased, people who are injured often have bills that far exceed that amount.

Set aside the fact that this injury is a life-changing event. Now if the insurance coverage to help pay for the financial aspects of this is inadequate, that only compounds this negative situation. That is where a professional and experienced attorney will help their injured clients.

What coverage is available right now? This is very important and should be the first thing to consider. What coverage is there to start with? There are some insurance companies that refuse to talk about the amount of coverage they have. They might, however, give out this information to a qualified attorney. Once this has been accomplished, we then calculate the amount of coverage for the defendant so bills can be payed immediately. Is there any other coverage out there? Are there any other possibilities? If the victim of an auto accident is driving another person’s car, then the owner of the car will receive coverage for it. Is the vehicle a company car? If this is the case, there’s a possibility that there is a primary policy and maybe an umbrella policy that can be pursued.

Were there other parties present for this accident? It’s crucial to explore all of the options that you can take advantage of. There are situations in which an additional driver can be held partially responsible, therefor involving their insurance company also. This might not be simple to determine, but if you want all of your medical bills to be covered by insurance, it’s valuable to explore all of these avenues.

Does the defendant have additional assets that can be drawn from? If the person who injured you is guilty for causing this situation, their own liability does not end with what their insurance is willing to cover. This person can be forced to use their personal assets to compensate for damages caused to you. Be aware that it’s a difficult process to get compensated by the personal assets of another party unless they are unusually wealthy – even if you deserve the compensation.

Once the maximum amount of coverage has been totaled, and the defendants other assets have been examined, it is now time to come to a negotiation over the dispersion of these funds. These negotiations may take place over a period of time, between many injured parties, to come to on agreement on who is getting paid by the insurance company, and who gets paid by the defendant.

The insurance companies can stake a claim too. They can also attempt to recover damages if they feel it is in their best interests to do so. Having a skilled negotiator and lawyer is important during this process. If you are the injured party and trying to deal with all these issues yourself is not the easiest thing to do. Try doing all this while you are trying to recover from your injuries. An experienced injury lawyer will help fight for you, and one that understands the system is a true asset to you.

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