Your Own Logo Design Studio – Without The Studio!

Every so often it’s a good idea to add fresh graphics to your publication, blog or website. When I went looking for a new logo for my newsletter, I was shocked by how much a designer wanted to charge. With only a small budget, I simply needed to create a small header logo that I could post onto my website and newsletter.

I searched all over the web and looked at the design sites of over two-dozen professional logo-design firms but found nothing even remotely appealing. The built-in graphics tools from such software products like Word or Publisher just didn’t cut it.

What I discovered was that I could actually have my OWN logo and graphic design studio. Just by using 2 or 3 software products! A logo creator for example, plus a business card tool and perhaps an animated logo product. The cost for these three in total would be much less than what a designer would charge me.

With the help of these great software tools, I created what I wanted in roughly 2 hours and got back to work writing my newsletter.

Each of these tools (and there are a ton of them on the net, just GOOGLE ’em! – offer a distinct “look,” to the graphics, such as bright colorful curves and large orbs to smaller, subtle images like alphabet letters combined with a unique font. With most of them, you select a template as a starting point, then experiment with color or fonts, and move or resize the objects as much as you like. You can replace the existing text placeholders (your company name and a separate tag line, in most templates) or add your own text.

When it comes to creating graphics …a blank PhotoShop canvas is doesn’t work for me I don’t know where to start. Software products such as The Logo Creator are perfect. They give me a ‘jump off’ point.

When you’re ready to create your images, most of these tools can offer export options like JPG, and PNG output (among other formats).

The software is inexpensive, especially compared to what a professional service would charge you, and the results are impressive. Most of them are easy to use — you may even find experimenting with the designs addictive. The templates offer a good variety of themes and basic designs. There’s also enough flexibility to let you create logos for clients! Start your own logo design service.

I’m really excited about these products and I encourage you to download and try them out. Play around with some of the features. Creating graphics for your blog or social network group is SO easy. When you do it yourself, it’s quicker, you have more control, and it’s far less expensive. Especially when you just need a small page header or a blog image.

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