Your Kitchen: A Secret Money Saver

Have you been eating your money? Many people don’t realize it, but they are spending lots and lots of their money on food every month, most of which they could save if they engage their secret weapon: their kitchen! Here’s how to get the most out of your food dollars.

To get started, find out where your money is going. Take a notebook with you whenever you leave the house and write down every time you buy food or drinks that are premade and how much you spent. Yes, this means writing down premade foods such as cooked meats and boxed lunches bought from the grocery store and times you have eaten out, too. At the end of the week tally all the food prices up and you will be shocked at how much you have spent!

Try this exercise to see how much you are spending: carry a notebook with you and write down whenever you buy food that is premade as well as how much you spent. This means writing down every cookie, cup of coffee, precooked chicken and frozen dinner bought that week. At the end of the week, tally it up. You will be shocked how much it is!

Now that you have your list made, go down the list and spot the items bought the most. Those are the items you need to buy next time you go grocery shopping. The reason people buy things is because they do not already have them, so if you can keep the things you want on hand you can stop yourself from spending extra on them.

Try visiting recipe sites to see what goes into your favorite snacks and premade meals. For example, if you like iced coffee, a cooking website will tell you that it is made of strong coffee with maybe some added milk and sugar. You can simply make this yourself, then pour the coffee into bottles and pop the bottles into your refrigerator. All you need to do from there is grab your coffee and go! Each bottle you make can save you up to three dollars.

Try looking up what really goes into your favorite bought treats and you can usually make it yourself. Recipe sites are wonderful tools for finding out what you can make yourself with little fuss. Knowing the recipe when you make your shopping list will assure that you only buy what you need and not extra goodies.

Another sink that many people don’t think of is pre-prepared convenience food. It is so easy to grab a premade lunch or bag of cooked chicken and reheat it that many people just get lazy and end up wasting money on it. Many convenience foods can be made at home for fractions of the cost: all you have to do is find a recipe you like and make it yourself in a big batch. From there, simply bottle or bag your food and store it in your fridge or freezer for later.

With a little creativity, patience and planning, you can save lots of money while still enjoying your favorite foods and drinks on the go. Just stick to your shopping list, plan ahead, and keep foods and drinks you enjoy on you and you will never buy expensive premade foods again.

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