Your Infant’s First Baby Hospital Visits

Your baby’s health is the most important thing in the world. From the moment you first find out you’re pregnant, until they first look up at you with their big bright eyes, their health and well-being will consume you until the day you die. Making frequent, scheduled baby hospital visits are important to assess baby’s growth, health and for needed immunization visits.

Initial Checkup

Your family doctor, or pediatrician will want to see you and your baby approximately two weeks after birth. This baby hospital visit will be just as much for you, as for your newborn baby. The doctor will want to know how you’re doing, if you’re adjusting to being a new parent, etc. They will also inquire about your baby’s: sleeping, eating, comfort level, sense of sight, hearing ability, etc.

Follow Up Visits

Growth patterns during infancy are fairly predictable for the most part and on your first visit, the doctor will check the size of your baby’s head, body weight, muscle tone — all to see what’s changed since birth.

Each subsequent baby hospital check up will involve checking your infant’s heart rate, breathing, muscle tone, belly button (for healing and signs of infection), circumcision (if applicable), body-weight, soft spots on their skull, eyes, ears, inside of mouth and immunizations will start usually two months after birth if all other health checks are good.

Early Detection

Since an infant can’t tell you if something is wrong, a baby hospital visit is the only way to ensure your baby is developing normally and to make sure your healthcare professional catches any concerns early, before they present a problem for your baby. Also, it gives parents an opportunity to ask any questions/concerns they may have without relying on guesses from friends, relatives or neighbors.

During the first year of your infant’s life will have you visiting your doctor at least once every two months; after that, visits will decrease to once or twice per year with most healthy toddlers and children.

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