Your Gastric Bypass And How It Will Affect Your Life.

Most of us know that we could do with losing a bit of weight in order that we can look and feel better. But for people who are very overweight losing weight is an essential action to prevent major health problems. Exercise and a healthy diet are the best ways to do this. But for some people it just doesn’t work. For these people surgery is an option. A gastric bypass is one surgery option.

There is no doubt that there are huge and significant benefits to having gastric surgery, otherwise known as bariatric surgery. Studies have shown that life expectancy increases dramatically for surgery patients and the chances of getting diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer is significantly reduced.

Before any bariatric surgery there are certain criteria that have to be in place. A potential patient must have tried a healthy diet, a correct exercise regime and weight loss medication before surgery can be considered. An individual must have a body mass index of 40 or over, or 35 and over if there are other health concerns present to be eligible for surgery.

The operation takes between 1 and 3 hours and consists of a procedure designed to divide the stomach into two chambers. The small intestine is also re sited. This is all done to ensure that the stomachs capacity for food is reduced by over 90%. The patient will not feel any pain or sensation during the surgery as it is carried out under general anaesthetic.

After surgery it is important that the patient is advised on their diet. For the first two days the patient should only sip at clear liquids as the stomach has changed completely in size and shape and needs time to heal. After a few days pureed food is introduced. It is vital that the individual sticks to a high protein and fiber diet with a low sugar and fat intake.

Most people suffer from no ill effects after surgery but there are those who may suffer from complications such as a condition called dumping. This occurs when a person consumes an excess of sugar. The symptoms of dumping are a rapid heart beat and a feeling of panic and it is a very unpleasant feeling. If there have been any complications during the initial surgery further surgical intervention may be needed to correct the problem

For an individual to get and maintain a healthy body weight it is important that they follow a strict diet and exercise regime. For the month straight after surgery people can find themselves finding the changes difficult to cope with. Food can be a huge emotional comfort to people and when it is taken away people can struggle. Once people see the improvement in their health however the change becomes worth it.

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