Your Friends And Family Can Save Your Wedding

If you have a large family that loves to participate and help each other, you might have the makings of a fantastic and inexpensive wedding readily available. When families come together, there is just no telling what they can accomplish. Do you have family members that can cook for large groups of people? Is someone in your family a really good amateur photographer? Do you have a family member with a huge back yard or a swimming pool? If you answered yes to these questions, why not bring your family together and have a family reunion that revolves around your wedding?

Having your family pitch in to help you have a great wedding at an inexpensive cost is a great way to bring your two families closer together. If you can get everyone together and pull this off, you will want to show your appreciation by giving them really nice gifts such as glass wedding favors or even crystal wedding favors. Most families have someone in them that are musically inclined. If not, they may have friends who are musically inclined and will be willing to help out. Having a family member who is in a band and would be willing to play at the reception would save you at least a thousand dollars right there.

Almost everyone can cook. Even people who cannot cook very well have at least one dish that they can cook. Have everyone come together and decide what dish they should bring and how much of it. You can have a huge spread of home cooking that beats the pants off a catered affair every day of the week. I know that I would rather eat my aunt’s potato salad because she makes the best potato salad in the world. Many family members who cannot cook are usually willing to bring store bought food or supplies such as napkins or paper plates. My mouth is watering just thinking about all that delicious home cooked food.

Decorating a wedding is as easy as decorating your home for Christmas. Everyone has Christmas tree lights and you will find that there is a ton of imaginative people with creative ideas in your family. Once you spread the word that you are looking for ideas to decorate a yard for a wedding, you will be amazed at how many suggestions and decorations your family will come up with. It would be really great if someone in your family has a pool. A poolside wedding may not be your cup of tea but the reception would definitely be a huge success with the kids.

If everyone pitches in, you may find that you will need to rent some of the items that you could not come up with using family. Rental on tables and chairs and possibly even some of the decorations is still much less expensive than hiring an entire chapel or wedding hall and the more money you can save on your wedding day, the more you will have to spend on your honeymoon. With the invention of the internet and email, it is relatively easy to spread the word to your entire family that you need help. If your family is anything like my family, your email will soon be overflowing with ideas, suggestions, and offer of help. Even if you wind up having a church wedding with all the trimmings, you can still hold the reception as part of a family reunion and really connect with family that you have not seen in ages.

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