There are some simple things you can do for us to make sure you keep the ear healthy longer. These do not require a lot of money or effort. You just need to keep this in mind and do it and we are sure that our ear will serve us back well by staying at its tip top shape until we grow old.

If you are going to go biking or roller skating, wear a helmet. The helmet will protect your head face and, of course, the ear. I might not be the most comfortable thing in the world but it can mean the difference between life and death.

Don’t take too much medication. Even over the counter medications can damage the ear so take only what is required or if you can resort to natural medication like water treatment, then do so. It has other benefits anyway. Remember that when you take too much medication, your body develops immunity so it becomes harder and harder for your body to get affected by the treatments you are trying to do.

Respiratory problems can also damage your ear. Make sure your lungs are decongested so that it doesn’t manifest through your ears. You may also wear earplugs with special filters. When you are going to a plane, this will help your keep the pressure equalized.

Even if you are not feeling anything or even if you think your ears are still functioning perfectly, have an audiologist. This is the same thing with your eye, you have it checked regularly to make sure it is okay. Extend the same care to your ears. Usually the one who is losing his hearing is the one who does not realize it.

Extra care must be taken if you are already starting to lose your hearing. It might be time for you to wear hearing aids. Go to a physician and you can always check the internet for hearing aids comparison.

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