Your Child’s Playroom: How To Keep Up With The Changing Times

A playroom for toddlers needs enough storage space to accommodate all the toys. The room looks better painted with bright colors for a cheery look. Most importantly, it has to be a safe space for your toddler.

After the toddler years comes the preschool stage. This welcomes your child to the world of school and friends. Interactive toys will become more enjoyable and artworks will be plenty. A table and chair for your child’s drawing and coloring activities will be needed. A table and chair set with animal designs, cute pictures or vivid colors will make your child look forward to do his “homework.”

Then, moving into the preteen years the room will again need a major overhaul to match your child’s growing needs and interests. The last change will be for your teens and should at this point double for the adults. Now the playroom becomes an entertainment room. As your child grows so do their interests and their toys get bigger and more expensive. Your playroom needs to change with them.

Doing so is indeed possible. With the right decorations, accessories and design, the room will grow and change with your child in taste and in age.

One home decor that can certainly keep your child company through the years is area rugs. Area rugs offer safety in the hyperactive stage of toddler and preschool years. As time passes, the area rug will be appreciated more, especially when your child starts to notice and choose the rug’s design and color.

The grade school years will be the start of your child’s awareness of his interests. Your child might be into sports and superheroes or animals and playhouses. These can be seen in children area rugs where different designs are made to meet particular children’s favorites.

The preteen will probably enjoy music or even play an instrument, or be an avid sports fan. There are area rugs with guitars as the design for instance. The choices are numerous and allow the creativity to flow.

Here are some tips in decorating with an area rug.

The patterns will depend on the size of the room. A bigger space allows for bigger patterns and vice-versa. This is to create a balanced look. A rug with big patterns looks awkward in a small room.

If you or your child prefers to have more than one rug in the playroom, go for similar colors or those belonging to the same shade. This will match better with the room and will create a clean line with the rest of the furnishings. Decide if you want pastel shades, earth colors, bright or dark tones.

The rug size too will depend on the room size. Make sure to have a fitting rug with the perfect size and not a “this-will” do look. Remember, a mismatched size will make the rug look out of place. It can distort the look of the room instead of enhancing it.

Your playroom will grow with your child as you make these simple changes over the years.

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