You Will Be Taken With The Charms Of Zihuatanejo Resort

The location of Zihuatanejo Resort is on the Bay of Zihuatanejo with the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains situated in the background. It got its start as a tourist mecca when the Mexican government the Ixtapa resort close by. Contrasting with sleek and modern Ixtapa is the Zihuatanejo relaxed air.

Zihuatanejo has a devoted private boat owning fan base. Together with Ixtapa this area is the third most popular tourist location in the country. The climate is warm and slightly moist with the rainy season from June to September.

There is a local U. S. Consul here for any citizen in need of diplomatic assistance or the provision of additional information. ATM locations, most with multiple machines are located in the downtown area of Zihuatanejo as well as at the supermarket, airport, and in Ixtapa. They give out pesos, not dollars. Be warned the ATMs often run out of money on weekends and holidays. Travellers Checks are easy to cash, and are recommended since they are replaceable if lost or stolen. If you plan to use your credit or debit card, let your bank know you plan to be in this region so that there is block put on your activities for suspicious transactions that are not your normal spending pattern. A local money exchange house is available; but, the banks might provide better exchange rates.

Transportation to Zihuatanejo

The local airport is a thirty minute drive away. It may even have direct flights from limited US locations. Otherwise, travel via Mexico City. From there you can come via bus, coach or rental car.

A description of the town area and its environment

The waterfront walkway of Zihuatanejo is an area with restaurants and stores strung along the path. The Casa de la Cultura hosts concerts, performances and shows. The downtown is a center of many shops and other commercial premises. The local crafts market has over two hundred shops. The restored oldest building in town has a restaurant whose structure still reveals its past history in a coconut plantation.

Moving away from the town center along the bay, the next beach is called Playa La Ropa after the fabric a sinking merchant ship washed up in this beach. This beach is considered the best for swimming. The beach contains a small estuary which is home to several crocodiles well-fed by local restaurants. During the winter, many sailboats are moored here. Just behind the beach, the land rises up into cliffs. On the hills are hotels, large private residences and guest houses. Playa Las Gatas is on the opposite side of the bay from the town. A water taxi from the main pier of Zihuatanejo can take you out to Playa Las Gatas more opportunities to eat and shop. Las Gatas was originally named for a small cat shark that used to inhabit these waters.It is located at the mouth of the bay. Las Gatas is the most popular snorkeling beach of the area, perhaps because of the coral reef in the vicinity. Snorkeling equipment can be rented.

More beaches and a lagoon are located south of Zihuatanejo Bay. The water is rough and is not good for swimming. But riding, whale watching and dolphin watching are some of the other possible activities. These beaches are faced by restaurants. The lagoon has an estuary with mangrove trees that is a magnet for birds. Kayaking and bird watching may be appealing to some of you.

On the foothills of the Sierra Madre a short distance from town is an ecological park with over four hundred species of plants. An archeological site is also in the region. Sea turtle eggs are incubated after they are laid until hatched baby turtles are released in late December.

Festivals and other Events

The Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival takes place in March. The town hosts an annual festival called the Annual Sail Fest which is a major charity fundraising event. It lasts five-days and takes place in February. The event includes sailing boat races, cocktail parties, concerts, auctions, chili cook offs and street fairs. In February 2001, the Sport Fishing Magazine rated the Zihuatanejo area second best in the world for sailfishing. Annually, on the first weekend of May, Zihuatanejo hosts the International Sailfish Tournament. Aside from the tourism economy, fishing continues to be a way of life for a large number of local residents. The increasing popularity of the area as a sportfishing destination has given new support to their livelihood. You have to come here to appreciate distinctive charms of the Zihuatanejo Resort.

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