You Know You Have A Nokia X6 When You Can

If you are looking for a phone that is advanced with tons of features, then the Nokia X6 is the phone for you. This phone is the first of its kind in the Nokia family. It was first introduced in an announcement in September 2009 and is finally now available to the public.

Nokia is the leader in the mobile phone industry. These are the most elegant phones and always have state of the art features that are user friendly. The features of every Nokia phone is always unique and hard to find on any other brand of phone.

Nokia is constantly updating and improving their phones so that their phones appeal to most anyone with a busy lifestyle. This is why Nokia is among the leaders in the telecommunications industry. The X6 series is the state of the art in multimedia handsets. It’s has a wide variety of features and is completely user friendly.

This Nokia is even more stylish with a very slim case and a small 3.2 inch LCD touch screen. This screen has a crystal clear resolution and a 5 MP camera with a dual flash light which produces pictures with amazing detail. The Nokia X6 is the perfect fit that goes with any type of lifestyle.

The music player in the Nokia X6 supports a wide variety of various song formats like AAC, MP3, MP4, and WMA. The phone has a 3.5mm headphone jack along with a pair of high quality headphones with provide amazing sound quality. In addition, there is also an FM radio which provides unlimited access to music no matter where you go. The phone also has preloaded games that make it even more hard to resist..

If you’re into high tech devices, the Nokia X6 can connect to any type of device such as Bluetooth, EDGE, micro USB, and 3G. It can also connect to Wi-Fi through WLAN. It’s now easier than ever to transfer any type of data to share with anyone throughout the world. If you have family and friends that are all over the world, this is a phone you simply must have. The Nokia X6 has a Symbian S60 processing system that is 5th edition with version 9.4. It also has the latest web browser allowing you to keep in touch via email, SMS, or MMS.

Using a 4.34 MHz processor makes the Nokia X6 very fast. If you love to travel, there is also a GPS connection that makes it easy to connect your navigation system. The battery is a Li-Ion Ah battery which gives you approximately 8 hours of talk time.

If you are considering buying a new cell phone, you should check out the Nokia X6. If you are always on the go, love music and pictures besides talking to friends and family, then this is the right phone for you.

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