You Can Save Your Marriage Through Regaining Self-respect

Marriage is a sacred vow that binds a couple to love and hold each other till death. It is painful to find out that your partner recourse to infidelity for selfish reasons. You constantly question yourself how he could find refuge in another woman when you gave up everything to satisfy him. Normally there will be series of fights and confrontations regarding this issue making him walk out the door in just a snap leaving you in despair and depress. Frankly pick yourself up. You can save your marriage when you stop feeling sorry for yourself. He wants to leave. Make him feel sorry that he made that choice.

Breathe. It is not the end of the world. Men will be men. They are just too naive to know what love really means. Remember your mother taught you not to stoop down to low. You are just to confuse at this point. There is no use listening to the opinion of other people. It will only get more confusing.

Pamper yourself. Get a massage. Get a haircut. Go shopping. Go out with friends. Keep yourself busy. Get back to the circle. Never let yourself be in pain. It is not worth it. Remember that the reason he left you is because he feels that he found someone better, or so he thought.

Go to a spa. Treat yourself out. Dress up without any reason. Go out and enjoy yourself. Find a hobby. Do not waste your time trying to argue about it. Do not let him see you in pain. This is hard, I know. However making him see that you are in pain would only make him feel that he made the right choice.

Do not put your guard down. Forgive him but keep a distance for quite some time. Let him contemplate on his actions. He would certainly come around when he finds out that he has no longer a control over you. It would drive him crazy to find a better you.

The pain of infidelity is deep. However avoid feeling sorry for yourself. It does not help. Instead seek this moment to make up for the lost time. Find a hobby or go places. Whatever you try to do, just enjoy yourself heartily and relax. You owe it to yourself to be happy.

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