Xiaomi will abandon the Mi brand, under which it produces most products

The devices will be called Xiaomi.

From the third quarter of 2021, the company will rename Mi products to Xiaomi, representatives of the brand told The Verge and XDA Developers. This is how the company wants to “reduce the gap in the perception of the brand and its products”
Under the Mi brand, the company produces smart phones, household appliances, computers and more.
Xiaomi used the Mi brand in Western markets, presumably for ease of pronunciation. Now the company name is known enough to use it for the brand.
The company said it would retain the Redmi brand, which “offers innovation at a more affordable price and is aimed at a younger audience.”
In August 2021, a new smartphone of the Mi Mix line called Xiaomi Mix 4 was released. The previous phones were called Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2 and Mi Mix 3.
In June 2021, Xiaomi first came out on top in the world in smartphone sales. Its share was 17.1%. Samsung is in second place with a share of 15.7%, and Apple is in third place with 14.3%.

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