Xiaomi showed the concept of its first “smart” glasses-with a camera and a photo and speech translator

The release date is still unknown.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses can work as a standalone device without connecting to a smartphone, display notifications, navigation, calls, etc. vc.ru in the company.
Despite the display inside, they weigh 51 g. To do this, the company used MicroLED technology — the displays have a high pixel density, but the structure is as simple as possible. The chip of “smart” glasses is 2.4 x 2.02 mm in size.
On the left there is a 5-megapixel camera, the indicator light works when it is turned on. You can take a photo, and then translate the text on it. The built-in microphone can also translate speech in real time.
The glasses are equipped with a quad — core ARM processor, a battery, a touch panel, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules, and the Android operating system.
The company has not announced a start date for the production of glasses.

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