Xiaomi in June 2021 for the first time came out on top in the world in sales of smartphones-Counterpoint

According to the results of the second quarter of 2021, the company is in second place after Samsung.

Sales of Xiaomi smartphones in June increased by 26% compared to May, according to the research company Counterpoint.
Xiaomi’s share in global sales in June was 17.1%. Samsung is in second place with a share of 15.7%, and Apple is in third place with 14.3%.
“Since the moment when Huawei’s downturn began, Xiaomi has made consistent and aggressive efforts to fill the gap that has appeared,” said Tarun Pathak, research director at Counterpoint.
The company has expanded its presence in the markets of China, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
In the second quarter of 2021, Xiaomi entered the second place in the world in smartphone sales for the first time, the research company Canalys reported. The same data is available for Counterpoint.

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