Xiaomi has revealed the Mi Air Charge contactless charging, which works a few meters away from the phone

While this is only an announcement, the device will definitely not appear in 2021.

Xiaomi has introduced the Mi Air Charge technology, which allows you to charge your devices without cables or coasters. The technology works within a few meters of charging, and its effectiveness is not affected by physical obstacles, according to Xiaomi.
Multiple devices can be charged at the same time with a maximum power of 5 watts for each of them. Xiaomi assures that its technology will work not only with smartphones, but also smart watches, bracelets and other portable devices.
A company representative in a conversation with The Verge said that in 2021, the technology will definitely not appear on the market. Launch dates are not reported. The publication recalls that other companies, such as Energous, have already announced the creation of” truly ” wireless charging, but the technology has not been widely used.
Xiaomi charging is a box that uses antennas to detect the location of devices and send millimeter waves to them. The devices use a receiving antenna array to convert them into electrical energy and charge them.

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