Xbox Kinect Console – Full Body Motion Control Gaming

Passionate gaming enthusiasts who have discovered about ?Project Natal? have perhaps read that it was lately re-christened to now be called Xbox Kinect. This is a new development from Microsoft that will introduce a whole new level of gaming for all Xbox users. This console will work with a groundbreaking 3D camera and even gesture recognition software that will take game enthusiasts into a progressive gaming world, by mimicking their physical activities in the true world, that will then transport directly into the game. The best part of this innovation is that you have to use your entire body movements along with your fingers and eyes. This details was released when the Xbox Kinect made its advent in Los Angeles in front of an invitation-only individuals.

By personalising the services of the well-known circus group, Cirque du Soleil services, Microsoft introduced this incredibly new product with an amazing extravagance. The function was attended by VIP?s, the press and also countless Hollywood actors and was held last June 13, 2010, Sunday. Cirque du Soleil?s performance lasted a mere 45 minutes but the circus troupe spent months of planning and hundreds of hours of practicing to perfect the program. 76 music artists and bands, acrobats, clowns and even dancers were made in for the event. Other highlights include huge projection screens spanning the length of an entire football field as well as a 40-foot logo of the Xbox. The event planners as well erected an elephant that was 25 feet high. Here many projectors were set up.

Inside Galen Centre, this show was hosted. A small unnatural forest was constructed within the facility as well where hypnotic and also spectacular drumbeats started. All the guests present for the event were offered incredible features that included highly advanced living rooms with rotating base and sharp shinny meteorites striking the Earth?s surface as well as Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect presented an enticing puppet show especially for all who were there for the event .

Microsoft probably won’t say much more about the unit, that is thought to be a wise marketing move so that followers of the Xbox 360 as well as other games consoles will be left looking more. What they did tell the public was that the Xbox Kinect is purely a device that will simply plug into an Xbox. This is very good information for those folks who are already very happy with the amount of games that they own for the old Xbox, and even don?t really intend to buy a totally new console simply to be able to experiment with this new one.

Microsoft?s announcement arrived at a rather good time since Sony equally announced the release of a new movement monitoring controlling device for the positive Sony Playstation 3. Now these two consoles were in direct competition with each other which was further suffering from the high competition from Nintendo Wii console in the market. The Xbox 360 connect is special among the 3 devices in that it doesn’t need a controller or any other peripheral aside from the camera to monitor motion. This means that Xbox 360 Kinect games can, quite possibly, be very different from the motion-controlled games in other consoles.

Although a specific price was not provided, analysts estimate that the Xbox Kinect will be released within the price range of around 50$-200$ Professionals from video gaming firms have also revealed that an rough number of 15 titles will be obtainable upon the release of the game come this November.

If you feel that Xbox Kinect is just like any other gaming console and it is simply not worth investing in this gaming console, the you are probably wrong as world?s popular video game manufacturers are soon introducing various gaming accessories that will help the player to play Xbox Kinect with great enthusiasm as these are really fascinating for the player.

No additional particulars were released, simply because it appears like anyone is serious to keep it hush-hush. If you are really excited to know more about this amazing gaming console, then you should wait till November 2010 till it is introduced in public.

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