Xango Business Leads-How To Generate Xango Business Leads

Are you looking to get into the Xango Business? Like many individuals who are looking to join Xango or any other Network Marketing Opportunity, you are doing your research to see if this company has a good reputation or not. You are attempting to see what the Owners are like, what the product is like and most importantly what the compensation plan is like.

I have done a bit of research to See what Xango is all about. The Company is among the top ten precent of network marketing companies in the world. It has more than one million independent distributors in over thirty global markets. Its main product is its mangosteen drink which is made from the tropical mangosteen fruit.

Gary Hollister and Aaron Garrity are two of Xango’s Six Founders which are both concerned in helping their distributors succeed and expand the company around the world. Their compensation plan includes 4 alternative ways of earning commissions. There are a few individuals that are making multiple five figures a month in commissions.

The bad news about Xango is that many distributors get into the company and have no clue how to market and promote the opportunity and product effectively. Their Sponsor tells them to make a list of their friends and family members and try to get them to join the opportunity or purchase the product. However the problem with this method is that they are not targeting their market and going after people who are looking to get into a home based business.

This method will only work for a small share of network marketers (about 1 percent). However the remaining 99% will struggle to turn a profit using those outdated strategies. Your Upline will also will tell you to buy and cold call leads after you’ve exhausted your warm market. Many people when they buy and cold-call leads only get a tiny share of those leads to join their business. The rest of them make every excuse and objective under the sun.

This is the reason why it is important to learn the skills of attraction marketing and generate your own leads for Xango. People who are enthusiastic about Joining YOU. People don’t join companies. They will join you if you position yourself as a leader. You need to position yourself as a leader and provide them with something of value that will help them with their business.

You also must monetize those leads by selling to them reasonable, High-valued educational products thru an auto responder since 95 percent of those leads won’t join your business.

Learning those methods are not that hard if you follow a simple blue print. You do not have to be the smartest person in the world to have a success in your Xango Business using attraction marketing. You just have to find someone that is ready to help get you started on the right path.

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