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What is Top Dog Marketing | Top Dog | www.Top-Dog.org? Wag the Dog Marketing is a blue ribbon digital marketing agency whose site is a comprehensive search engine optimization and online advertising resource who will truly become Your Ad’s Best Friend.

Bite off a huge chunk of your market and bury your competition like a bone, with a new breed of marketing! Top Dog Marketing will help you become the Top Dog of your niche when you learn how to generate Internet marketing warm leads.

The first step in creating real time, Internet marketing, warm leads is to produce a high quality landing page. This page should give only a quick summary of what you are trying to sell. Give the viewer three good benefits of your products or services.

Keyword optimize your page. Make sure the keyword is in the meta tags and in the page headline. Using the keyword in bold throughout the page a couple times is also beneficial for search ranking.

On your new landing page the most important thing o have is a simple form for the consumer to fill out. Give them something of worth while related to your offering that they can use, for free, to entice them into filling out the form.

Then be sure to give that report or item to them at no obligation once you contact them back regarding the services you are selling. Also making it something of limited supply in order for them to act now is very effective.

Your landing page should be graphically appealing and related to your products and services. Most people are visually stimulated so think through what would be the most relevant. Have as few links as possible on this page so the viewer isn’t likely to click away.

Get the new page indexed in the search engines. Do this by adding the page to your sitemap and then submitting it to the major search engines. If this sounds Greek to you, do some research to find out how to get this done as it is important.

Now generate high PageRank backlinks by writing lots of unique, articles with valuable information about your product. Then submit those to as many article directories as possible. Keep every submission original. Place backlinks at the bottom of these articles pointing back to your new landing page, using the keyword in the anchor text.

One fast and easy, yet possibly expensive, way to speed the process is to launch a Yahoo!, Bing and Google Adwords campaign. This would take another article in and of itself to explain, however it may be vital to learn or hire a company to create for you.

Now it’s all done and running, just fine tune things and call or email your leads as soon as they come in. Remember time kills the value of your leads.

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