Among the list of most challenging choices is choosing to buy a WRX STI or a Lancer Evolution. Both of the cars are similar and are excellent. The revolutionary MR edition (Mitsubishi Racing) has established more opposition for the WRX this year. The MR edition isn’t as nice as the British edition that sports 342 HP and a 60 thousand dollar price tag but it’s much better than last years Evolution. The brand new Lancer has 5 more ponies than last years model and has many more features that provides the STI a run for its money.

We’ll start out with the Lancer Evolution MR edition. The lancer starts a little under $35,000 and has many additional advantages of last years Evolution. For starters it has more power because of re-designed airflow to the turbo, some thing that I think should have took place a number of years ago.

A few say the biggest adjustment is the new BBS wheels, the wheels weigh nearly 3 pounds lighter than last years model. Also the true auto enthusiasts will spot the MR edition different with the cool new badging, and around the rear window the extraordinary “shark teeth” that are vortex generators with the ability to create 35% less lift at 110 mph and helps the wing produce more down force by reducing turbulence.

Next is the remodeled helical type front limited slip differential. It does a significantly better job transferring energy to those front wheels for additional handling. Next is the braking, the brakes on the WRX have been improved via adjustable ABS controller that allows much more feedback from the brakes to the driver.

To conclude both of the vehicles have got practically the same overall performance numbers with the Mitsubishi coming out a little I mean slightly ahead. But getting only 1000 MR Mitsubishis built will put a dampener on sales. I believe this is and will carry on to be one of the greatest rivalries in the import community. So I say let the struggle for rally bred street supremacy go, all it will bring is better and superior vehicles by both companies.

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