Write From Home: Make Your Own Writing Jobs

If you want to make money writing, you can. In this article, we’ll look at how you can find time, even if you’re sure you have no time at all.

I stared my own writing career many years ago writing part-time, just for 20 minutes a day. It was amazing how much I got done in that time. So don’t feel that you need to carve out an hour or two — initially, be satisfied to find five or ten minutes. Here’s how to get started.

1. Determine what you know about and what interests you. Are you employed in real estate? Do you enjoy sports? Do you grow heirloom tomatoes? Would you like to know more about how to sell homes? Choose a topic for which to write a short two-page article (about 1,000 words or so).

2. Look for publications that may like your article. If you decided on the article on golf swings, look for golf-related magazines at the book store or online. Get the writers’ instructions from those publications and follow the directions. If you need to write a query letter, do so.

3. Study the publication and write your article using the same writing style. For example, pretend you are telling your best friend how to improve his or her golf swing, explaining everything as clearly and simply as you can. Be sure to follow the writers’ instructions, too.

4. Leave your work overnight, then come back to it and check it. Correct all typos, missed information etc. Read it again: Does it fit the publication’s style? Ask your spouse or a trusted friend to read it and get their honest opinion. Keep revising it so that it is as well written as possible.

5. Submit the article. The writers’ guidelines will tell you to whom you need to send the article. Briefly explain what the article is about and why you selected that particular magazine to publish it.

6. Do it again. Your article may be published on the first try. If so, congratulations! If not, don’t despair: Just follow any constructive criticism given. You may want to send it to another magazine.

Once you’ve been through this process a few times, you’ll find it easy to make money at home by writing for magazines. Start your writing career today.

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