No question: one is the best reason to visit France is the wine. They produce the most wine. They drink the most wine. They export the most wine. You must see their vineyards. Without an endless list we try to suggest shortly for you the best tours and winery visits to keep time to book your favorite trip.

One of the best region for wine tasting and sightseeing is Provence. That is a popular countryside with medieval villages and vineyards such as Chateauneuf du Pape.

Even Van Gogh worked there. And if you finish visiting Lavender Museum then you can enter any winery, tasting Syrah, Grenache or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Do not surprise if you find some wine tasting chances in the capitol as well. Paris has some great restaurants where you can taste some wines. Short programs (wines from Bordeaux to Lyon) are popular in Paris.

Apropos Bordeaux! In the heart of “Red Eye” small cities like Saint Emillion offers different options to taste wines in many cellars. This is the paradise of wine-lovers. After a glamorous lunch in the heart of the city just jump up to the bus and don’t go back until you finish tasting wine epics, like Mourverde.

Even better wine tasting and learning opportunities are in Burgundy. Take a tour in this region’s greatest wineries and cellars. Discover the wines of Morey Saint Denis or Chambolle Musigny. Find out how they make wines and how they taste their elderly wines.

The Burgundy wine (Bourgogne or Vin de Bourgogne) one of the most famous in the world.

Red wines prefer Pinot Noir. But in the White Burgundy you can find Chardonnay. Wine lovers know it as Grand Cru which produces 35 hectoliters per hectare. Even better Premier Cru with its 45 hectoliters. These wines should be consumed within 3-5 years but finest ones can be kept even longer.

If you leave French Riviera, then take a visit around the 27.000 hectares region, St. Tropez.

We get back to the Southeast. Chardonnay and Mourverde are also popular here but you can drink Rose if you are a gourmand.

France is a beautiful country. They vineyards has world wide known and give you magical memories after you get home.

Have lots of memorable moments!

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