Energy: A Taiwanese hip pop boy band formed in 2002. The original band consisted of five males, namely Milk, Ady, Toro, Penny and Joe. Toro and Milk left the band in 2003 and 2005 respectively. Xiao Gang joined the band in mid 2007. The band has now officially disbanded since 2009.

Blazin’ Squad: A UK pop-rap vocal band. Heavily influenced by the UK garage scene, they enjoyed significant success in the UK, achieving six consecutive top ten hits, including a UK number-one single, “Crossroads”, a cover version of the Bone Thugs-n-Harmony original. Mus, Kenzie, Marcel & Lee reunited in 2009, and their latest single, ‘Let’s Start Again’, was released on 15 June 2009. They recently turned on the Banbury Christmas Lights.

Dry: A Cantopop music duo that formed between 1997 and 1998 with Mark Lui and Stephen Fung as bandmates. The group was formed when Mark decided to create a band with himself and another person. After meeting Stephen through friends introductions, they agreed to start a music duo with Universal Music. A year after they formed, they decided to part ways to pursue different career paths. Mark continued as songwriter to many cantopop artists such as Leon Lai and Miriam Yeung. While Stephen started his career in acting and later shift toward to directing and producing Hong Kong films such as Enter the Phoenix.

Caught in the Act: Their first hit was in 1995, Love is Everywhere, which reached number 8 in Switzerland. Not enormously successful in the Netherlands, the band were extremely popular in Germany where they appeared on the soap opera Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten. They also had successes in Scandinavia, Australia, South Africa, Japan and South-East Asia.

Damage: Led by Andrez Harriott, Damage were one of several urban R and B outfits who capitalised on Mark Morrison’s international breakthrough during the mid 1990s.[citation needed] The quintet was formed at school at the beginning of the decade when Harriott, Jade Jones, Core Richards, Rahsaan J Bromfield and Noel Simpson were all teenagers. They sent a demo tape of a cover version of the Jackson Five song “Anything” to Jazz Summers of Big Life Records in early 1995. Although Summers was impressed by the quality of their singing and harmonies, he waited eighteen months before issuing their first record.[citation needed] Even though it charted outside the Top 40 it achieved excellent reviews and Damage were born.

Eastyle: A Taiwanese Boy Band that does street dancing, Hip hop and R&B. They were first heard on the radio with the song ‘You are My Most Loved Person’, which was written by the composer – Yong Bang, but was sung a cappella. They were first in a group called Beggars with other friends that all had a passion for street dancing. After stopping for about a year, they came up with a new name for their group consisting of 4 members – Eastyle.

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