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One of the worst feelings in the world comes in the instant you realize you’ve locked your keys inside your car! If this happens to you in Spring Valley, you can get expert commercial locksmith services.

Locking keys inside a car happens more often than we might think. For example, in 2007 American had an estimated 806 million cars and trucks. That high number of vehicles guarantees that someone somewhere every day will be distracted enough leave keys in the ignition before locking the vehicle ‘ even if the car beeps, buzzes or makes other noises when keys are left behind.

Picking a lock requires manipulating cylinder components inside the lock, and that’s a hard task. To do this, a burglar has to understand how a lock works, according to professional locksmiths.

Plus, car technology has gone ‘way beyond our fathers’ old models. Many cars today come with “valet” keys that limit access to only the doors and ignition. Some models have an electronic transponder signal that opens the doors, unlocks the trunk, turns the alarm on or off and even starts the engine automatically. Some luxury cars use an infrared beam to unlock the car and start the ignition. These days it takes real security professionals, like Spring Valley locksmith technicians, to keep up with all these technical innovations.

However, when keys, whether traditional or computerized, are lost, so is access to all these features. In addition, being locked out of a vehicle puts drivers’ personal security could be at risk.

However, over the past 30 years, burglars have been trying to get around locks like deadbolts with a technique known as “bump keying.” This method involves using a false key, or “bump key, ” to put pressure on the back of the lock, which in turn makes the cylinders respond as if the proper key was used. Burglars have used this method enough over the past decades that lock makers created new security devices to thwart “bump” keys.

* Who else might have keys to your new home? Would it be better to replace or “re-key” the locks?

A Spring Valley locksmith has the goal to serve customers with customized security consultations. People work so hard to earn property, whether it’s for business, a home or a car. A locksmith understands this, and stands ready to help residents and business owners keep themselves and their possessions as safe and secure as possible. Consult with a locksmith soon about security needs.

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