Work At Home – A Step Up With Social Bookmarking

Every single individual who utilizes the internet to work at home must constantly strive to outshine the competition. So how do you do this? Well, one method which is highly acclaimed is social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is one of the best, yet most underutilized methods of driving targeted traffic to your webpages. I cannot stress enough that if you are a work at home entrepreneur, you should be consistently bookmarking your webpages.

Nonetheless, social bookmarking may be a relatively foreign concept to you. If this is the case, you undoubtedly have some questions which need to be answered. Specifically, social bookmarking is a means by which you are able to store all of your links to content all over the internet in one central location. This central location is what is known as a social bookmarking website, such as Delicious, StumbleUpon, Propeller, etc. Therefore, whenever you wish to go back and view a website which you bookmarked, you can just log into your account, and click on the link. Furthermore, other users can search the social bookmarking website, and find the link which you have bookmarked on the topic for which they were searching.

When an article is bookmarked on a social bookmarking website, that article receives a unique URL from the website. This URL links directly to the website which contains such content. The reason why this is so significant, is because social bookmarking websites generally have a high degree of authority in the eyes of the search engines. Therefore, social bookmarks are often ranked high for relevant keywords by the search engines. Moreover, each time you bookmark your webpage, you are receiving a relevant one way link back to your website. Relevant one way links increase the ranking on your website.

I am sure that by now you are beginning to see the value of social bookmarking. However, I will state three of its biggest benefits. First, each time we bookmark a website, it creates a one way link pointing at our website. This gives our website authority in the search engines. Secondly, while we are building the authority of our website, the social bookmarking URL which is assigned to our website has a propensity to rank on its own due to its inherent authority. This means that we can rank for targeted keywords via the social bookmarking URL which points directly to our website. Thirdly, other users of the social bookmarking website can find out bookmarks by searching the website. This also drives targeted traffic to our websites.

An additional huge advantage which social bookmarking provides us with is the ability to quickly adjust to market conditions. Due to the relative infancy of the internet, new terms which may have meant something else in the past, take on new meaning when associated with matters online. For example, the term social bookmarking perhaps was associated with a book club which met once a week prior to it being redefined by Web 2.0. Unfortunately, such new associations are not easily picked up by the algorithms of the search engines. Thus, if you attempt to capitalize of traffic associated with such new terms, chances are that your website will fail to rank for a while. However, social bookmarking allow us to provide what are known as “tags” for our content. Tags are searchable keywords which we can associate with our content. Therefore, when someone searches the keywords which we specify, our bookmark will come up. This is true both in the social bookmarking website, and in the search engines. As you can see, this is a massive advantage for a work at home entrepreneur. Keep in mind that such massive advantages are what can separate a successful entrepreneur from an unsuccessful one.

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