Woodwick Candles Provide The Sound Of A Crackling Fire

Do you dream of coming home from a hard day at work, pouring yourself a cool drink, lighting a wonderful candle, and relaxing to the sounds of a crackling fire but you don’t have a fireplace? You don’t have to have a fireplace to enjoy the sounds of a fireplace as long as the candle you lit is one of the fabulous Woodwick candles. Woodwick candles give you the opportunity to enjoy the scents of your favorite candle and their unique wooden wick lets you enjoy the sounds of a crackling fire even if you don’t have a hearth.

The Old Virginia Candle company is the original manufacturer of woodwick candles. These unique candles are made with a special wooden wick that when lit sounds just like burning logs in your fireplace or campfire. As most people know the sound of a crackling flame has the ability to make us feel warm and relaxed inside and out. While not all of us can have a fireplace or even a campfire everyday of the year we can have the sound and the feeling it engenders by purchasing these wonderful scented candles that come complete with sound.

These candles are relatively inexpensive and long lasting as well. A ten ounce candle will give you 100 hours of wonderful scent and fireside sound for less than 20 dollars. That means five entire hours of wonderful peaceful relaxation for only a $1.00. Where else can you completely relax and let go for so little money?

Woodwick candles also come in a wide variety of fragrances too. You can indulge yourself in some great scents like pumpkin butter, lavender, and almond orange as well as dozens of other wonderful scents giving you a bit of aroma and sound therapy all rolled into one nice neat little candle.

You are probably thinking that a candle this good has to be difficult to find but, that simply is not the case. You are not going to have to search high and low for one these candles. Woodwick candles have become so popular that you can find them almost anywhere that quality candles are sold making them easy to find and purchase.

You can also shop online for these wonderful candles. Some sites carry the entire range of Woodwick scented candles so you can purchase your favorite scent or try new ones and have them delivered right to your door. Nothing could be simpler or easier. So even if you don’t have a fireplace you can have the sound of a crackling flame anytime and anywhere you choose. It really is as easy as clicking on a site and making a choice.

So go ahead purchase one or more Woodwick candles, then come home pour yourself that tall cool drink put your feet up and relax to the wonderful scent and sound of these delightful candles. Your search for that comforting and relaxing sound of a crackling flame has ended.

This article was penned by Romina Evans, she writes for an online decorating publication. She has been crafting candles as a hobby for 23 years. She can create various kinds of candles made from paraffin, beeswax, soy etc. Among her favorites are Uk marriage visa woodwick candles and glow candles because they instantly create a soothing atmosphere once lit. Read more about candles, visit our site!

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