Wonderful Varieties Of Indian Food

Indian food is known for its richness and is amongst the most tastiest and varied cuisines in the world. The flavor and aroma of Indian food is conspicuous by its presence and you can find an Indian restaurant in almost any part of the world.

The cuisines of India are clearly divided into 4 and these are based on all the 4 geographical areas of India and each of these have been known to have distinguishable features. The four Indian cuisines are South, North, West and East Indian cuisines. In this article we will take a brief gander on each of these cuisines.

We will begin this brief explanation with the North Indian cuisines. Everyone knows North India to have climate that is intense and plentiful supply of vegetables and even fruits. Central Asia had some degree of influence on the food and even the culture of North India. Nuts as well as food that are dried seem to be used mostly here and there’s constantly that adding of cream, ghee and even yoghurt in the sweet dishes of North India. North Indian region is abundantly rich with vegetables and this is responsible for the lots of vegetarian dishes available here. Rice is not consumed in this region as much as it is in other parts of India. Bread, naans, rothis, parathas and kulchas are more prevalent. The spices that are most commonly used here include red chillies, coriander, turmeric and even garam masala. Some of the popular North Indian cuisines are Punjabi Chole, Tandoori Chicken, Lassi Patial and Dal Makhani.

South India is the region which has a hot and even humid weather and with lots of the regions being coastal, there’s an abundance of rainfall during monsoons. This coupled with a fertile soil helps in producing abundant fruits and vegetables. Rice is the staple food in this region with bread and rothis being supplementary. Two of the very common soups that can be found in just about any meal mixed in rice in the Southern part of India include Sambhar and Rasam. Highly hot and spicy are the foods in some of the Southern regions of India such as Andhra Pradesh. Chillies, curry leaves, mustard and tamarind are the preferred spices. Some examples of the common south Indian snacks include dosa, vada, idli and payasam. Dosa is the Indian version of a thin pancake and is made from rice and black lentils. It is rich in carbohydrates and proteins and is generally eaten for breakfast. The thicker version of the Indian pancake is Idli and it’s made out of a batter of rice as well as black lentils that are fermented. Idli as well as dosa are prepared with soups such as chutney and even sambhar.

The Eastern part of India’s cuisines are to some extent influenced by the Chinese as well as the Mongolians. East India is known for its sweet dishes and the number of dessert recipes in this region is huge. People here like to steam and fry their food and the staple food is rice. Yoghurt and even Milk are made use of in great quantity while the spices which are utilized similar to the ones used in South India. Some of the common vegetarian dishes in this part of India include Momos, Sandesh and even Thukpa.

The Western part of India has dry as well as hot weather and the diversity of the vegetables is inadequate; but that doesn’t seem to affect the lavishness and surplus of its cuisines. Rajasthani dishes are spicy while Gujurat is renowned for its delicious sweet dishes. The staple food that is available in this part depends on what the cuisine is; and of course, rice as well as bread/rothis are consumed just as well here.

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