The first Kindle is no longer as popular as it used to be when its newer version, the Kindle 2, was launched by Amazon. Unlike the original version, where it was actually based on, the second Kindle is developed and improved with more additional features. An improved battery life, a more streamlined design, more storage capability, sharper display, and the text-to-speech feature are some of the things that Amazon is proud to have in this product.

The device doesn’t only appear slimmer than a typical paperback; it also weighs 10.2 ounces only which literally makes it lighter too. One great thing about this gadget is its use of a 3G wireless connectivity. Such feature allows you to go online even without connecting to a WiFi-ready area anymore and guess what, that’s totally for free. No monthly bills to pay or service plans to take care of. Downloading is also made easy by Kindle. It guarantees to give you the books that you want in a very short period of time without the use of a PC anymore.

No doubt, the second Kindle Wireless Reading Device has totally changed the reading experience of everyone just like how PS2 changed video gaming and the iPod with the MP3. In its own world, Kindle 2 is predicted to transform reading forever. What makes it look like a natural book to read is its use of a special e-ink display technology which is good for the eyes since it eliminates glare and strain. Hence, if you think that this gadget is no better than that traditional type of book that you were used to hold, then you better think twice.

Some of the most sought-after features of Kindle are its automatic cross-device bookmarking and annotation, quick page turn, adjustable text size, text-to-speech, and the built-in dictionary. For avid readers, this device is a must-have because it allows you to carry a library of books anywhere you go with no hassle, no heavy weight whatsoever. Therefore, even when you’re travelling, you can still have the chance to bring along and read your favorite books.

Generally, if a certain device offers a lot of wonderful features, you would normally want to know where to find such device. The same is true with Kindle. Undoubtedly, a lot of people would also want to find out Where To Buy Kindle after knowing all its great features. The Internet provides the answer to that question. Two of the most trusted stores online this time are Amazon and eBay and these are the same places that you should go to if you wanted to find one of those available and affordable kindles.

There’s just one important thing that you should not forget before you decide to buy such unit especially if you still have some doubts in your mind. There are Kindle reviews that you can find over the Internet. Take time to read those reviews because that will give you a much clearer overview and information about the Amazon Kindle. It also allows you to know both the good and bad experiences of those who have used or owned such device already. Only then will you be able to make the right decision to whether or not buy a Kindle too.

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