Witney – Oxfordshire A Great Place To Visit

Taking your own little trip each year can be a challenging thing. However, you are going to find that you will have the added stress of determining where you are going to head to. One place that to make sure that you consider going to is going to be the great historical town of Witney – Oxfordshire.

If you enjoy history you will love being able to see how far the farming community has come by visiting the working historical farm museum. By stopping here you are taken back to a different time period in history and see how farming was carried out in the Victorian times.

Something else will be to enjoy how the blanket industry has made a huge impact here. However, your going to find that a quick tour of the museum is going to educate you about that history immensely, but if blankets are not your thing you can learn more about the fire service history.

Your also going to learn about the lovely destination of the Bishops palace. That will allow you enjoy learning about the impact the the church has had on this town. You can also enjoy looking at the historical building and the significance that it has played in the region since the 12th century. That could allow you to learn more about what has happened in this great region compared to the other regions that you are going to be traveling to.

Taking a small walk will not only allow you to get your exercise in, but it will allow you to find the lakes in this area. Once you have found the lake sit on the shore and enjoy the quiet that is present in nature. This quiet can allow you to enjoy relaxing without the worry of modern life penetrating it.

Sir Winston Churchill the great person that he was, was born near this town. So you could take a short little side trip to transform yourself back in history to the time period that he was born by visiting his birthplace.

When you decide to take your vacation you are going to want to consider many different places to go to. One of those places should be the lovely village of Witney – Oxfordshire. By stopping here you can immerse yourself in a town of great historical importance and educate yourself more than what you ever thought possible while your on your vacation.

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