With Your Android Phone, Capture And Play Video

With your Android phone you can become a walking muti-media studio able to capture those precious moments and share right on the go with family and friends. Whether you are just in it for fun or a serious videophile the video capturing and sharing apps on the Android platform will be sure to satisfy.

Captures Video

The Android includes very full-bodied capture abilities to where you’re only limited by the power of your built-in camera. Although it doesn’t mean that there is going to be a complete HD experience on most of the devices your phone can serve the purpose of an apposite stand-in should you not have a camcorder or it simply is out of reach.

To begin shooting video all you have to do is simply launch the camera application and then toggle it to video mode by simply pressing the small switch (camcorder/camera) which is on the right side of the screen.

The phone must be held horizontally as the video is being shot as there is no portrait mode available with the cell phone. Although this seems quite logical, taking videos with a cell phone is new and norms are yet to be established.

The cameras default settings most generally will do a good job of doing some automatic compensation for the various lighting conditions that you’ll run into. You’ll also have the ability to tune the capture settings a little finer through pressing the menu button that is on the phone and then choosing the settings option.

There you’re going to find options for:

* Adjusting the capture quality

* Video duration

* White balance

* Color effects

If you’re planning on sharing your videos through MMS messaging you should be sure to shoot them in the low quality in order to ensure their small enough to actually be sent. Normally you will be shooting in higher quality which is something that will take up quite a bit of space.

Video durations:

* 30 seconds is good for MMS

* 10 minutes is the maximum length for a YouTube

* 30 minutes (pretty long video there ;))

Most of the time your results are going to be quite good when utilizing the default automatic white balance. However, if you are staying in one place to take a shot, you should select your white balance manually.

The Android camera application will give you four different options:

* Incandescent lighting

* Daylight

* Fluorescent lighting

* Cloudy days

If you’re someone that wants to get even fancier you can opt for some color effects through the application of a sepia tone, negative effect or even a colored tint into your footage. Honestly though if you want to be creative, truly creative, with your video you should simply export it to your PC and edit it and make your changes through a video editing program there. The results you’ll get are going to be better and you’re going to be able to get your footage without marring it in the original process.

When you’re finally happy with all of the settings you simply need to press the red record button on the screen and start your video capture. When you’re finished just press the same button again and save it to your SD Card.

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