Windows Movie Maker Problems And Its Relation With Codecs

No one likes to experience Windows Movie Maker problems.

While Windows Movie Maker remains one of the very best programs ever devised for those that have a love for creating video files, it is not software that is without its problems.

Issues and bugs will always be present and associated with this program and other types of software. Windows Movie Maker problems are divided into two categories: those that are extremely severe and those that are exceedingly irritating.

Those problems that fall under the category of irritating are those with associated with missing codecs that needed t play a file.

A message shown by the software tells that something to the effect of Windows Movie Maker will not allow importing a specific file because it cannot trace the codec.

This means you are initially out of luck as far as operating with such a file. Or are you?

You are not so much out of luck as much as you are going to be in need of effectively dealing with the problem in the most appropriate manner.

This should not be too difficult given that it can be handled relatively easy.

Wrong Codec

When you do not have the right codec for a particular file, you will not be able to play it on the media player you have selected. Why is this so?

Coder-decoder is a term where Codec was derived. Audio and video files that can be found in a digital stream is translated by the codec.

It would be impossible to effectively transmit or save any video or audio signal without the correct codec in place.

Hence, you would need the proper codecs in place in order to use the Windows Movie Maker system in the most effective manner.

If you do not have the appropriate codecs conversely, then you will have to deal with the resultant Windows Movie Maker problems. And would anyone want to deal with them?

Good thing there are steps to acquire and install the proper codecs. Future error messages with regards to codec issues can then be eliminated.

Downloading Codec Packs

It certainly would not hurt to download the appropriate codec to your computer. This would be the simplest means of dealing with such Windows Movie Maker problems.

Frequently, simply stopping over the main website of Microsoft will give access to all the codec downloads you will require for you to run the files you need to run.

Codecs are generally available in packs so you will not be required to locate a single codec that you are missing and downloab it individually.

If you can’t see a catalog for the codecs on the Microsoft homepage, just make a search through the help section.

This will definitely show where on the site you can download the codecs.

Upon downloading them, be sure to reboot your computer. In some instances, a codec will not work unless a reboot is performed.

Some may wrack their brains as to why the proper codec is not working. Again, it is commonly because a reboot of the computer has not been performed.

Evade making the fault of omitting this uncomplicated step given that it is often the ‘linchpin’ to making sure the codec is appropriately installed.


Some may discover that downloading codecs will not solve their problems as far as being able to use the media file in question.

That is because there may be some files or formats that are not supported by the program. This can lead to the assumption that there is no solution to Windows Movie Maker problems such as these.

That would, however, not be the correct assumption. The solution can come in the form of converting the file to a format that is supported by the Windows Movie Maker program.

Conversion programs are commonly very simple to work with and many efficient ones can be obtained without buying it.

As with the enormous majority of Windows Movie Maker problems, a scan of the registry with registry repair programs is recommended as well.

This should be done because registry errors could undermine the codecs that are in your computer’s system presently.

An appropriate scan may locate and correct such problems easily. This, of course, would eliminate any obstacles to the operation of the program.

To determine if you are having registry errors that causes your Windows Movie Maker Problems, why don’t you try a free registry scan?

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