Windows 11 Insider Preview Bugs (22000.51)

I updated from win 10 to test 11, I’m talking about interface bugs that can be found in the test build 22000.51.

1) After some time after switching on, the pop-up window of the interface with the volume slider falls off, do you want to make it louder, or quieter, but you can only do it with gravy.)) The interface does not respond to clicking, the pop-up window is not called. Interestingly, at the very beginning, after the start of the system, everything works. (Often)
2) The explorer can randomly crash and restart (Very rarely)
3) The animation of the interface part works with twitching. For example, when a context pop-up menu is called on the desktop, first of all it happens with some delay (this is milliseconds), but there is a lack of responsiveness compared to win 10, and when the window is closed for a moment, it appears as if it appears, and only then disappears. Normally, the window should have just disappeared (closed), and it appeared for a moment and only then disappeared. (Often)
4) Folders on the desktop have a hover effect when hovering, we hover the cursor over the folder and see how the folder that we pointed the cursor at is highlighted, but after a while this stops working and some folders may stop responding to the cursor hover. (Partially)
5) New settings may lag violently, for example, when changing the theme, or when switching to another item in the settings menu. (Partially)
Basically, these are small problems in the interface and animation, if the above does not frighten you, you can safely update.

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