Will Solar Panels Be Practical For Home Energy?

Using solar panels to harness the power of the sun has been researched for a long time. Once used exclusively in outer space, the passive energy technology is getting closer to home.

All of us, no matter how interested or bored by the subject of having a private electrical system, will have seen the rise of solar energy use. Cell phones, road signs, traffic lights, computers, and satellites are all being powered by the sun. Children go to schools heated and cooled by solar energy, and swimming pools are heated by it. More and more homes sport shining energy collectors on their roofs.

There are many reasons to use solar power, beyond the desire to save money. The threat of brown-outs in large cities, personal and commercial ‘carbon footprints’, and concern for the environment all are driving the interest in renewable, clean power. The interconnected units, or cells, of photovoltaic modules (or solar panels), trap the abundant energy of sunlight and make it available for conversion into electricity.

The panels themselves are easy to construct with readily available materials. They must be moisture-proof, since corrosion is not an option, and have been designed to be very durable. In fact, the whole system will be exposed to temperature extremes, heavy snow, strong winds, rain, and hail for years on end. Most commercial systems are expected to function well for twenty years and more.

More than the panels are needed to harness the power of the sun. For the average house in these modern, climate -controlled times, at least three panels will be needed. Then there must be an inverter, to turn heat into electricity, storage units that may be conventional batteries, and the connectors and wires of different types that hook it all together and run the power to your house. Even though many of us find it all a complete mystery, it is not really very complicated.

On-going research is bringing solar power down in price and up in efficiency. The possibility of using this energy to provide all the electricity needed for a home is now within the reach of many. Tax credits can help off-set the expense of changing to solar power, and the switch will save money as time goes on. The price for installing a solar power plant is still high enough to make prospective users think before they decide to proceed with solar systems.

It is possible to make your own efficient and long lasting solar collectors, doing every step yourself with materials from the local hardware and even some that can be recycled or scavenged. Remember Mother Earth News and the featured homes heated by pretty collections of beer bottles?

It might surprise you to know how many people are actually getting their power from the sun via home made set ups. The Internet is well stocked with sites that offer kits and instructions. The products offered have mixed reviews, there are many testimonials of success, and there are some warnings to help people make the right choice.

For those that shrink from attempting to build their own solar panels, and who fear that a professional installation will be too costly, there are discounted panels available, and the panels can even be rented.

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