While in the classic times you merely had to observe someone and claim he/she is donning a syrup of figs, these days everything has transformed a little, the hairpieces which have been manufactured nowadays are of high quality and made to appear like real human hair which you can’t differentiate between.

The greatest industry buyers for these human hair wigs are ladies, they are generally donned as a style accessory but certainly may be worn in a scenario of hair thinning, since the look is really real it could be a comfort should you have suffered baldness. Human hair wigs may be styled, washed and dyed as real hair is, so every person is a winner.

The main reason most people decide to wear a wig would be to change their current appearance to become something different. Like with most stars of today, they use human hair extensions and wigs to obtain a new look for each day of the week, this make real hair wigs and extensions and absolute must have fashion accessory. In addition to been a savor to the people who do suffer from hair thinning probably through health issues or genes.

With the industry in the shops and online growing ever faster the vast number of wigs available for the shopper is somewhat over whelming. However the real hair accessories of today blend naturally with real hair and may give a lift to any hair style and wanted look , we certainly have advanced significantly from the days of the past when wigs were so obvious , you had to be desperate to consider wearing one , thank god for engineering and technology.

In the current market the wigs have been manufactured to serve you for a lot longer than formerly thought, a high grade real hair wig can last around 12 months if maintained to a high standard, even a manufactured wig cared for correctly can at least be worn up to 6 months. So on a value for money front the human hair wigs and synthetic wigs available on the market are far better for your wallet in comparison to older style wigs from back in the day.

Today’s ranges of real hair wigs look pure in color and feel obviously like real human hair , the treatment of these wigs just occurs if your wearer chooses to improve the colour of the wig , then dyes and certain chemicals must be used , as well as that the wigs are 100% natural. The cheaper synthetic wigs are made in higher quantities in manufacturing plants and any colour or style is executed in house. So consider what you need and wish out of your new wig before you decide to choose between the 2.

Wigs of the past were only developed to hide the simple fact the person was suffering hair loss, these days the wigs that are produced together with hair extensions are more towards a style addition, just take a peek at stars like beonce Knowles, she gets another type of hairstyle for any day of the week, these types of styles are enhanced through the use of human hair wigs or real hair extension, the choices are endless.

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