Wicker Outdoor Furniture Changes A Backyard

No one likes spending time where they are uncomfortable, but everyone likes being out in the backyard on a nice day. Most patio furniture is bearable but only for short periods of time and does not exactly lends itself to improving the look of the house. Wicker outdoor furniture, on the other hand, is both functional and beautiful for any outdoor scenario.

Regular patio furniture, whether it is plastic or nylon, is still not nearly as comfortable as padded wicker. Wicker also adds a decorator’s touch to the exterior that plastic simply cannot match. The wide range of sizes and styles virtually guarantee a homeowner will find the right pieces for the look they are attempting to achieve.

While chairs are the mainstay in outdoor furnishing, many other pieces can be found to help expand on the idea of outdoor comfort. Couches, loveseats and even swings made of wicker can be found at very reasonable prices. The materials that these pieces are made from are very long lasting and coated to be weather-resistant.

Outdoor living rooms are something that many homeowners look to create to get the most use from their home. This can include the addition of a television or stereo system to the porch or backyard and there is no reason that the furniture should not reflect the relaxed atmosphere the homeowner is trying to create. The furniture should be both comfortable and functional at the same time and wicker accomplishes both of these requirements beautifully.

Decorating changes are much easier when using wicker in that its color can be changed with very little effort. A coat of paint can transform the furniture into a matching set to any exterior changes that may have been made to the home’s color scheme. The preparation, if done correctly, will ensure many more years of service from the furniture.

In order to prepare the surface for the new paint, any loose paint or sealer will need to be removed. This may be accomplished by using a nylon brush with stiff bristles to avoid tearing up the wicker in the process. Be sure after the primer is applied that it is fully dried before coating it with paint and that all areas have been covered evenly.

Wicker outdoor furniture should then get a minimum of two light coats of paint rather than one heavy one. This keeps the color and coverage even along with sealing all the areas of the piece. This is extremely important for weather protection and keeping the furniture around for a good, long time.

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