Wicker Furniture Gives You Options For Comfort And Decor

Choosing wicker furniture for your house or apartment can add a timeless feel that will outlive trendier material and provide for a much more aesthetically pleasing environment.

Wicker is a hard fiber, woven into a stiff material that is mostly natural in origin though synthetic fibers are sometimes used. Wicker furniture derived from natural materials is commonly taken from bamboo and reed. However, rattan makes for one of the best selections when fashioning the right look for your home or apartment.

The material is light, yet resilient, and is ideal if you are the type that likes to rearrange your furniture for different looks every so often. Natural wicker is the preference of most wicker furniture enthusiasts. Here are several different types of wicker furniture pieces to enhance your interior design plans:

Mexico Chair

The Mexico wicker dining chair has a partially available back with two sturdy wooden pillars on the sides for frame support and a thick patch of wicker craftsmanship down the middle. The seat contours are shaped in a sled-style fashion and also fashioned from wicker providing both stability and comfort. The Mexico line invokes a south-of-the-border feel that will dress your home or apartment in a touch of cultural class and dignity.

Karachi Chair

Using gentle wicker fibers with cross-hatch netting and a whitewashed look, the Karachi wicker dining chair stands out from most other designs, but offers the same level of comfort and durability. With heavy-duty rattan support, the Karachi line has lightweight delivery, yet stands up to excessive use with the strength you have come to expect from wicker furniture.

Kubu Grey Living Room Furniture

Wicker dining chairs are good for your dining room, but why stay confined to one part of the house with the natural look you desire? Kubu Grey offers a variety of wicker furniture products that go beyond what you would expect from this fabulous material. Chairs, loveseats, sofas, and coffee tables, all come in a striking Kubu Grey material that offers the same comfort and sturdiness of traditional wicker.

Just what is Kubu Grey?

Kubu Grey is a material comprised of rattan skins soaked and hardened in mud for a natural grey color scheme. It is, without doubt, a distinct way to experience this superior brand of wicker furniture.

Wicker Tables

Quality wicker furniture is not really confined to where you rest or lay your head. It can also be found in the variety of wicker tables that provide looks ranging from old-world to upscale. Available in a larger oval look or the more traditional round, wicker tables mostly use a strong wicker base and an easy-to-clean glass top piece, though some selections, such as the Zebra Table, are blissfully wicker, and just as gorgeous and maintenance-friendly.

The atmosphere of your home or apartment is entirely up to you. You can be as trendy or timeless as you wish. Wicker furniture offers a laundry list of variety that will ensure whatever you choose delivers on comfort, aesthetics and affordability. Choose wisely.

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