Why You Should Make Your Body Hot Before Exercise

By far, the best way to lose fat at an accelerated rate is with extremely intense exercise. This is the only way to cause the necessary physical changes that will get you the fastest results.

And one great technique for increasing your ability to exercise hard is to crank up your body temperature.

So, without further ado, here is why you should get your body hotter before intense exercise:

1. You will be able to lift heavier weights: And keep in mind that lifting heavy weights is the best exercise modality for fat loss. You see, with this type of training you will make your body burn calories outside of your workouts.

2. Increased power: The most notable component of power is speed. So power involves the ability to move weight as quickly as possible. A professional boxer, for instance, has very powerful punches since they are so fast.

3. Better blood flow: Blood is the lifeline of nutrition from which your body survives. Without blood, components in your body die. Specifically, blood transports the necessary nutrition to your muscles so that they can work at their best.

4. More focus: The best way to increase your focus is by increasing your core temperature. You see, levels of alertness and sleepiness are directly related to your body temperature. And if you can focus more in your workout you will perform better.

5. Flexible connective tissue: This is perhaps the most important benefit of increasing body temperature before exercise. You see, connective tissue that is flexible is less likely to become injured. And an injured piece of connective tissues takes a very long time to heal.

There are endless techniques for increasing your body temperature before intense exercise. One great technique, however, is to use the elliptical since it distributes stress across your body.

Just remember that the most important step here is to take action. After all, the only way to get results is with action!

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