Why You Should Hire A Professional For Your Home Electrical Wiring

Of all the repairs and DIY tasks confronting the homeowner, the most intimidating one is probably home electrical wiring. This is because a) the wires look confusing and b) there is a very real threat of electric shock to the amateur.

This is why it is best to leave such jobs to the professionals. By hiring electricians Surrey based or otherwise, you ensure that your wiring or rewiring tasks are completed efficiently and safely.

There may be small jobs which you feel confident enough to tackle yourself, such as low voltage wires including those for cable television, telephones and doorbells. These are relatively harmless compared to sockets and lights, which are connected to the primary standard voltage system that is delivered to your house via power lines and supplied by your electricity provider.

When it comes to choosing a professional to do your home electrical wiring, the cost will vary considerably, depending on the size and layout of your house, how easy it is to access wiring and how many fittings you require.

If you check the colour of the cables running to your consumer unit, you can determine whether or not your house needs rewiring. Modern cables are white or grey, with a PVC coating to make them more durable but the old ones are black. If you have these black cables or a metal conduit running to the lights and sockets, your house is in need of rewiring.

When you are looking for electricians Surrey based or from your locality, there are a few factors for consideration, especially when you take into account that hiring the wrong person could have a costly and dangerous impact.

Firstly you should always check that they are competent and able to complete the work. You can check this with ELECSA who provide installation, assessment and certification services to contractors working with electrical installations in private dwellings. Don’t let anyone in to your house to carry out electrical work unless they have a Part P electrical certificate, qualifying them to work on mains electricity.

Secondly, always check that you and your electrician are protected by insurance in case any accidental damage is caused to your property during the course of your home electrical wiring or repairs.

By making sure that whoever you hire has the right credentials you guarantee that the job gets done correctly and more importantly, safely.

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