Why You Ought Not Replace Your Sash Windows With Plastic Ones

Your sash windows could be 100 year old antiques, why replace your sash windows with plastic ones? Sashes are wonderful enhancements to your homes. The age of the windows makes them vulnerable to certain problems. Caring for the authentic sashes will ensure that they will last several generations.

Sash house windows were build around mid 19th century. These authentic windows are part of old traditions and cultural identity. Its sentimental value is the reason why maintaining the sashes is vital. Another reason is they represent a glorious period of time, usually a 100 years ago. The history behind the windows make them very valuable. You could sell your house at a much higher price if you preserve these features.

Some homeowners however think otherwise. They believe that sashes are not modern enough. Their old, conservative looks are not an asset to some. They also think that the sashes cannot prevent coldness from seeping in. Therefore they should be replaced. They want to use the plastic thinking that they are more energy efficient and modern. They see plastic as less likely to incur breakdowns and maintenance.

However, this may not be the case at all. Plastic windows may seem attractive and more modern but they do have some unique problems too. Often homeowners using plastic windows complain of sealing gaskets breakdown which in turn lead to other distressing problems like water entry and condensation in panes.

These authentic sashes, on the other hand, have been around for a century and therefore are more durable. The skilled craftsmen who made them intended these windows to span several generations. They utilize only the finest hardwood in making them. The other features like the frames and pulley can be mended readily too.

If you think replacing sash home windows with plastics are more practical, then it might surprise you to know that buying new windows cost a lot more than renovating sashes. It may take time to do this but it could save you more money. That is why your sash windows could be 100 year old antiques, why replace your sash windows with plastic ones?

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