Why Using Lifting Straps Helps Grow Muscle

If you are looking for something that helps grow muscle and offers you a way to increase the amount of weight you can lift on virtually every back exercise you perform, your search ends here.

Most people aren’t even aware of this….

This technique does work, and if you aren’t utilizing this basic piece of gym equipment that helps grow muscle, the size and strength gains you are missing out on are extraordinary.

And just what is it that helps grow muscle in such a remarkable way?

Would you believe it’s a pair of lifting straps?

This is such a simple yet effective piece of equipment that helps grow muscle, but there are too many people who never even use them.

These thick straps are made of extremely strong material that are placed around your wrists and then wrapped around the barbell, dumbbell, or cable attachment, in case you are not familiar with them.

They provide a secure connection between your wrist and the weight and are designed to simply “eliminate” worries about your grip.

Using the straps, you can hold onto the bar and do your exercises with practically no strain on your forearms.

There is a reason this is so important.

Imagine this scenario….

You’re performing 8 reps of a set of deadlifts, potentially the most powerful muscle-building exercise known to man.

You gear up, grip the weight, and lift the bar off the ground.

You make it to 5, but then you can no longer hold onto the bar as the grip on the bar is straining your arms very badly.

You have to abandon the set midway because your forearms are at muscular failure.

What’s the outcome here?

You killed it with that forearm workout!

Great job! Unfortunately, you cut into the stimulation you could have had on your back, shoulders, legs, and just about every other muscle that is affected by the deadlift.

Not what you were looking for!

If you would have used a lifting strap, you would have not had to face this problem, because you would have reached muscular failure in the major muscle groups that you intended to target, which, in turn, helps grow muscle.

When the grip comes into play, you should use a lifting strap; this might include back or other similar exercises.

Some people argue that lifting straps work as a “crutch” and hurt your development of grip strength and forearm size.

I mean, really. Maybe if your goal is to crack open a jar of pickles the grip can take precedence over muscle mass and strength in your lats, upper back, and just about every other muscle group.

Your call.

Thanks to all the great gains in muscle mass and strength, you’re not going to miss any negative effect that lifting straps might have on your forearms and grip.

Just add some specific forearm movements into your routine to develop your grip strength and forearm size-it’s not that hard.

Look, if you really aren’t using a lifting strap that helps grow muscle, you should start today.

You can search for them at almost any store that sells sports or fitness equipment, or you can order them online.

You’re only going to pay 10 or 15 bucks, and they are well worth the price.

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