Why Using High Quality 3D Clip Art Will Help Get Your Presentation Ideas Across.

When creating PowerPoint presentations there is a key rule to live by, which is keep it simple.

Too many times we often feel the need to cram as much information into our presentations as possible; usually this information is in the form of text. This ends up leaving our viewers overwhelmed with way to much information to absorb at one time. It’s kind of like after you get done reading a page in a book and wonder what the heck you have just read; the information sometimes just doesn’t stick. This happens to me way too often. LOL. So how can we prevent this information overload? One way would be to use fewer words to get your point across and going into your subject matter more verbally.

When you fill your PowerPoint slides with too much text it becomes like reading that book page to your viewers and you will find that they will have a hard time retaining the information you are trying to get them to remember. So how do you get your point across with fewer words? Well research has found that people remember more when the aid of pictures is involved. This is called the picture superiority effect, which states that concepts are more likely to be remembered if they are shown as pictures instead of words.

A great way to take advantage of this is by using high quality 3d clip art in your PowerPoint slides and highlighting just the main points of your presentation with text. You can then expand on those main points through verbal communication. However, be careful not to use too many clip art images, your presentation may become cluttered and confusing to your viewers. You should only use at the max two clip art images per PowerPoint slide to back up the point you are trying to make. If having clip art on your information slide becomes to cluttered try putting your clip art images on the slide right after your information slide.

I Hope you found this information useful, for more information on clip art in PowerPoint visit the link below.

Good Presenting!

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