Why The City Of London Is In Vital Need Of Commercial Window Cleaners

There are many reasons why the city of London is in urgent need of commercial window cleaners. Given the size and scale of London and its eclectic mix of modern day architecture and historical buildings it could keep any window cleaner in business for several months. There is a shortage of commercial window cleaners and there are various reasons for this.

A major factor driving window cleaners out of business and putting many off even starting out is the fact that they can be sued much more easily. Any crack, mark, or slight damage to the window is likely to be followed with a legal action as people know that insurance companies can and will cover this and there are gains to be made. These accidents to property may not happen that often, but when they do they are detrimental to the whole industry.

Also problematic is trying to get insurance coverage. Because of the nature of the work insurance companies often deny coverage or charge a fortune for it so that in the long term businesses can’t afford the high rates and eventually close down.

Insurance costs are very expensive and have rocketed over the past decade in the United Kingdom. With less people entering this field there is a national shortage and the city of London in particular with its financial district and hive of industry has a great deal or work for companies to take on.

The shortage also means that professional window cleaners can charge a lot of money for their services and often need a commitment to a contract for a period of time. This can be off putting to companies that don’t want to have this service on a regular basis.

In the city of London, window cleaners are required that are able to abseil down buildings and clean windows in office complexes that could be many feet in height. Given the shortage there is an urgent need to find companies that can be relied upon to meet customers demands.

Start up costs and insurance coverage are so expensive that cleaners may be tempted to skimp on training and when they do this can have devastating consequences. Some news sources have reported several deaths as a result of window cleaners plummeting from ladders and unsecured works spaces when working high up.

London is a huge sprawling city and residents can easily get grime and city dirt on the windows, so cleaning could be a lucrative business. First something needs to be done to enhance training and benefits for window cleaners and reduce rising insurance outgoings. Until then there remains an urgent need for commercial window cleaners.

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