Why Teach Your Kid Table Manners?

Table manners. And what are they?

Table manners are the etiquette dictated by different cultures setting the guideline for what is appropriate and not appropriate while eating. Families use their own standards when determining how these guidelines will be followed in their households or out in public.

The table manners that are most common for a culture is what many families will practice. Using satisfactory manners while eating is an important skill in society your kid should possess early in their life. It is to your advantage, as a parent, to help them learn while they are little, particularly when eating socially or at a restaurant with the family.

A majority of us can probably recall a time when our kid’s poor table manners haunted us. This is an incident we all do not want to happen again; primarily if the mishap took place in a formal setting or at the household of a prominent person in your life.

Why Is It Significant?

Your child being taught good manners during mealtime will be most useful to them as they mature. However, children learning suitable table manners currently and continuously at this point and through time will strengthen their ability to dine socially.

At the moment, you might believe that it does not matter if my child has good table manners or what will they gain by knowing. But, take into account . . .

How do you judge if it is vital for your kid to have proper table manners for landing a job during a lunch interview? Or to impress a potential customer while dining? Do you believe it would help your kid’s confidence to feel positive when socially dining or having dinner at a friend’s residence?

Proper etiquette during meals can help your child in all of the mentioned areas and then some. In addition, it can assist in boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Acceptable Table Behavior

There are many behaviors while having a meal or simply something to eat that is considered acceptable or not acceptable. Let us look at some of the more suitable basic table manners that you may want to consider teaching your kid:

* Wash your hands before seating down to eat a meal.

* Children at the right age should use silverware during their meals.

* Keep your mouth closed while chewing. No talking with food in your mouth.

* Do not put your elbows on the table while eating.

* If you burp, cough, yawn, or sneeze at the table say “excuse me”.

* Sit up straight in your chair. Do not twist and turn around, slouch down, or tilt back in your chair while eating.

* No playing with your food, utensils, or toys during meals. Do not point or wave your silverware.

* No reaching over people’s plates or serving dishes in order to get something you want; ask someone to hand it to you.

* For older children or when appropriate, excuse yourself from the table to go blow your nose. Do not do it while you are sitting at the table.

* No tossing food or anything else during mealtimes.

There are many behaviors for good table etiquette you can learn to teach your kid, too. It is all based on the situation at hand and what is acceptable for your everyday life and traditions.

What is the standard for table etiquette in your home during mealtime?

Do you say prayer or blessing before the meal is eaten? Is it important for your kid to know how to properly set the table for common or formal dining? Does it matter that your child knows the proper time for placing a napkin in their lap at a formal dinner? Do you want your children to know the proper way to remove food from their mouth when necessary?

Teach your child table manners to prepare them for almost any occasion they may encounter now and in the future.

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