Why Should We Use Emulsion Paint

You want to start redecorating your house but you don’t know much about painting. In order to obtain the proper mood in your house, here are some tips for the best possible results with emulsion paint.

Paint is a very common material, but it takes complicated technology to obtain it. Classic paint is a mixture of pigments and oil or water-based binder. Long-term storage may cause the two constituents of the paint to separate in the can, so restirring is usually necessary before reusing it (except for the non-drip paints), to ensure that the pigments properly mix with the binder.

Choosing a particular color scheme and the proper kind of paint for a professionally decorated interior can be cumbersome when we are not assisted by a professional. Then, there are also technical details you might want to take into consideration. Paint gradually changes color as it dries; so don’t worry if it looks darker immediately after you have applied it. It will eventually turn into the color you have selected from the color card.

Modern emulsion paints are durable and can be spread easily. Based on water and vinyl or acrylic resins, emulsion paint becomes more resistant to hard ware and dirt exposure than traditional emulsions. The more paint shine increases, the harder wearing it becomes.

The most suitable emulsions for painting walls and ceilings are: vinyl matt, vinyl satin (used on areas that can be washed or sponged) and vinyl silk emulsions specific to kitchens and bathrooms. The special water based types of emulsions are created for woodwork.

When substances like fillers, catalysts, stabilizers, emulsifiers, adhesion enhancers, flatteners or texturizes are added to emulsion paint, they will produce the following effects: thicken the film, support the structure of the emulsion paint or increase its volume.

On textured surfaces, we can generally obtain a better finish by applying the emulsion paint by brushes or paint pads than by using a roller. While rollers are quick and easy to use, applying paint three times faster than a brush. All of them come in various widths and weights in specialized shops.

Everything is in place, so it’s time to get the walls prepared before starting. The walls and ceilings should be dry, clean, dust-free and smooth. They must be washed down then rinsed with clean water and dried. Don’t forget to protect your floors and furniture as they could easily stain.

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