Why Russian Brides Are So Popular.

Over the last decade more and more men are looking out with their own country to find a partner for life. Russia appears to be a particularly popular place for men to look for a bride. But why? Could family values be the reason that so many men are choosing Russian brides.

The values in the western world dictates that women who stay at home and look after their husbands and children are missing out on a career and a life. This idea is certainly not embraced in Russian society, in fact being a stay at home housewife is a desirable position for a woman to find herself in. This has nothing to do with any inadequacy.

Many women in Russia are very well educated. This is due in part to the fact that the education system is very good as well as the fact that many universities are free. The Russian love of reading is also responsible for an active and intelligent mind for many Russians. Books are cheap and television expensive. So if a woman wished to go on to have a career then she would be in a position too. For most Russian women this would not gain them respect and a high standing in society.

Choosing to become a good wife and mother is the key to respect for women in the society of Russia. The concept of a woman some how missing out by staying at home and raising her children is a foreign concept in Russia. Providing a warm home is the most honorable thing a woman can do. A woman who is unmarried by the age of 25 is viewed with suspicion by the rest of society.

The way to a high social status for a woman in Russia is to get married. This is not to say that women are adverse to hard work. Women firmly believe that is the responsibility of the woman to provide a warm, supportive and loving home while the man goes out to provide the finances for her family. It is a harder job for women to provide this type of home in Russia than it is in other societies. The gadgets that make looking after a home easier in other societies just aren’t available to most Russians.

Dependence and reliance are key words in Russian family life. There is no shame in a woman being reliant on a man for financial security any more than there is shame in a man relying on his wife to look after the children. The key to this attitude can be found in family life. Often 3 generations of families will live together. They will solve their problems together and the atmosphere is one of dependence on each other.

As history tells us, the life of the Russian people has, at times, been a struggle. Women have therefore developed skills at being resourceful and managing to complete any task, even if she has to go in a round about way to do it. This tenacity and resourcefulness means that a woman often gets her own way without her husband even being aware of it! In most cases a woman is quite happy to let her husband take the credit as she is more interested in getting something done rather than caring about who did it.

Russian brides can offer much to their husbands. Strong family values, resourcefulness, intelligence and warmth are only a few attributes that have made many men look to Russia for their dream partner.

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