Why Must A Businessman Have A Secretary?

I run a small firm, there are not many employees, but I can assure you, there are a lot of problems every day. There are meetings, appointments, people to meet, problems to solve. I can hardly find time for a proper meal, and late hours have become a habit. But for my secretary, I would have got lost. She was priceless; the only person in my firm I thought I could never replace.

She had proven to be an excellent employee over the years, and there was a time when I didn’t do anything without checking with her first. However, she had a family and her husband worked for a large corporation. He was offered a better position, but they had to move to another city. This meant she had to leave, and although I didn’t want to let her leave, I had no choice.

I had no choice, but try to find someone as good as she was. That proved to be an impossible task. I interviewed a lot of people, and finally I had to hire someone, but she was far from being as efficient as my first secretary. Getting tired of my complaints, one of my friends recommended me to buy a PDA. I had heard of these gadgets, but I never thought an object could replace a person. Anyway, I decided to give it a try.

After almost missing my son’s birthday, because I had forgotten about it, I decided to give the Asus mypal A626 pda a try. I’m not used to such devices, so at first it seemed really difficult to learn how to use it. I spent some time entering all the necessary data, and telephone numbers, but now it’s piece of cake. I have to admit I depend on my Asus PDA, and I couldn’t do without it.

Some might find it expensive, but all I can say is: it’s worth the money. It knows everything, and notifies me every time I have a meeting, or when my kids’ birthdays get near. Whenever I hear one of my friends saying he needs a secretary, I recommend this pda.

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