Why Is My Husband Cheating – What You Should Know Before You Dump Your Cheating Husband

Why men cheat is a hackneyed question. Some people believe it has something to do with genes and the idea of procreation but experts say those are very primitive reasons.

Cheating is wrong and definitely ridiculous. And no one can ever justify it even if the reason is valid or understandable. What women really need to know is to get to the heart of the issue. When you start asking why, all possible and absurd answers can come in but only you can sift through the valid reasons.

Well, of course the reasons why men cheat on their wives vary. Some reasons if ever you are going to learn them are actually ego-based issues and more often than not don’t involve their wives. Unfortunately, a few women are strong enough to know the answer to this seemingly elusive question. What women do is just they abandon ship and walk out on the relationship.

The downside is that so many women are still afraid to get the answer to that consuming question: why? And failing to get that answer impacts every relationship she has afterwards.

To Dump or not to Dump

Dumping him right after the cheating is an impulsive and immature act. Giving him the benefit of the doubt no matter how grave cheating is will clear the air between the two of you. Unless he tells and explains his side, don’t make any hasty decisions yet or you’ll surely regret it.

Once you have the answers to your questions (and there will probably be quite a lengthy list of questions) then you can make a decision based on those answers. Until then you are leaping blindly and may discover that you’ve made the wrong decision before all is said and done.

The Heart VS the Mind

The heart and the head do not always agree about which path is the best. The head wants the path of least resistance while the heart wants the path that will leave it feeling fulfilled. Before you dump your cheating husband you need to figure out where your head and heart stand and which one you are most willing to follow.

Be sure to listen to your heart when dealing with other people but use your brain when taking care of yourself. Before ever going to answer the million dollar question, you need to get to the bottom of the issue first and foremost. How will you be able to decide if you’re not going to the real score?

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