Why Do We Forget Our Previous Life?

Let’s face it; the concept of reincarnation is by no means a new idea. In fact, the possibility of having had a past life is something which many people have believed in for thousands of years. The Japanese, the Chinese, the aborigines and many Africans all believe they have had past lives and that those lives can influence the life they’re living now.

Because it is widely believed that past lives can have an impact on your health and mental wellbeing during this life, it only stands to reason that one should make a point of learning about who you were in a past life. Furthermore, when one considers just how much knowledge you would have gained during past lives, it only makes sense that you be willing to integrate that knowledge into this life.

So, is it possible to tell whether or not you’ve had past lives? While you may have some rather disturbing dreams, or you may have some strange memories which you feel don’t really belong to you, it may not always been possible to know for sure if you’ve had a past life. Of course while the vast majority of people who believe in reincarnation tend to believe that everybody has had a past life, a bit of simple mathematics would suggest otherwise. Other indications you may wish to look out for:

* Have you ever experienced an unusually strong attraction to a specific culture, even though you’ve not been exposed to it in any way during this life? Do you have to an unexplained passion towards art of a particular era? If you have, then you should do a little research in order to determine whether or not this era only covers a short space of time. If it does then it’s a good indication that there is some connection.

* If a particular historical event tends to stir up strong emotions. If for example you become extremely emotional when you read about a certain historical event, then that could also be an indication that you were somehow involved in that event during a past life.

* Phobias and allergies which to the best of your knowledge do not originate from your childhood years, could also be linked to a previous life.

Of course, those things which have just been mentioned are by no means the only possible indicators. Likewise, just because you may have experienced one or more of the above indicators, that’s not to say that you are remembering a past life. Ideally, you should try to establish whether or not any pattern exists with regards to things which attract you for no apparent reason. By following this approach you may well discover certain similarities which in turn may help you to put the pieces together with regards to a past life.

Interestingly enough, hypnosis and self hypnosis make it possible for people to access their past lives. In fact you now have past life regression therapists who specialize solely in helping people to access their past lives. These therapists make use of ‘deep hypnotic remembering’ in order to recover memories which are locked in your subconscious.

If you would rather use self hypnosis in order to investigate your past life or lives, then you should ultimately be looking for a technique which also doubles as a method for deep relaxation. Before you actually go ahead and use this technique for regression purposes, first spend a little bit of time becoming familiar with the technique.

From a safety point of view, there is essentially nothing you need to worry about because you’ll simply be experiencing a vivid recollection of a past life experience or experiences. In fact, rather than experiencing an intense recollection, you may experience nothing more than a few feelings.

Of course, just as good memories usually pave the way for good feelings, bad memories can pave the way for bad feelings. In that case you will simply wake up to an uneasy feeling similar to what one experiences after having had a nightmare. Of course you may not even experience any bad memories at all.

Remember, the important thing here is that you actually manage to remember something from a past life. Once you do start remembering then of course it becomes possible for you to move on in this life. It is only when the subconscious mind is suppressed, that numerous problems begin to surface. Providing you understand and accept what has happened in the past, you can move on in this life in a way you never before thought possible.

As is mentioned in the theory of karma, if you lead a good life and you do good deeds then you can expect to receive good things in return. On the other hand, if you live the life of a bad person and you do bad deeds, then you can expect your life to be filled with problems and much unhappiness. You need to bear in mind that if you have of bad karma, it will stay that way until such time you strike a balance between good and bad.

Unfortunately, there still seems to be a great deal of confusion with regards to this interpretation. Unlike some choose to believe, you are not doomed to a life of misery simply because of your actions in a past life. Each time you are born into a new life you once again have the chance to do things in such a way so as to attract good karma. Of course once you reach the stage where you’re aware of the fact that a certain memory is from a past life, and that it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad person, you can then live happily in the knowledge that this life can be great.

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