Why Coughing Grosses Out People Around You And What You Can Do About It

Although coughing sometimes reminds people of dogs barking, there isn’t anything fascinating about it. It just doesn’t hold the same charm. On the contrary, coughing repels people around you. No one wants to be with a sick individual.

People will surely stay away from you. Even if you just have a simple cough, they won’t know that for sure. Whatever you cough can spread into the air. They don’t want to take their chance and breathe in the virus that comes out from your mouth.

So don’t be upset if people start turning away their faces from you. It’s nothing personal. But while you can’t do anything about how they think, you can do something about your cough.

That lingering cough that you have for days already may not lessen with over-the-counter medications anymore. When that happens, it’s time to call a doctor. Getting a medical appointment does not immediately mean that you have a worse ailment than just simple cough, but a physician can help you figure out how to stop your problem from getting worse.

Go see a physician who focuses on Ear-Nose-Throat maladies to help you determine the root cause of your cough. He or she will prescribe medication depending on whether your cough is dry or wet or if it linked to the mucus from your sinus or lungs.

Back at home, it never hurts to try natural remedies, such as honey and lemon. They are not only inexpensive, they are also full of vitamins. It may not be just your cough you are curing, so try them yourself.

Don’t forget to work on your hygiene as well when you have cough. Cover your mouth with a clean handkerchief to stop the germs from spreading and also muffle the sound. That way, people won’t panic too much when you cough.

It is also a welcome effort if you wash your hands as frequently as possible and use antibacterial gels on your hands. Doing so shows your thoughtfulness for others. Lozenge candies can help settle down itchy throats.

Bear in mind, it’s nothing personal. So don’t be hurt when people around you turn away from you if you cough.

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